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MISSION STATEMENT: On the Money meets the tax planning and preparation needs of  business owners, real estate investors, and successful entrepreneurs. On the Money works with its clients to develop a comprehensive tax strategy and then implement that recommended plan, business structure, and filings in the most tax advantaged method allowed by law.




Federal and State: We prepare both state and federal tax returns for business and personal clients.


Competitive Prices: We offer competitive prices in line with other accounting firms and the big name tax preparers.  Our prices start a standard rate schedule per return and dependent schedules and then increase depending on the volume, complexity, and sophistication of the client’s financial information.


Business and Personal Returns: We prepare returns for individuals, retirees, self-employed business owners, partnerships, corporations, LLCs, trusts, and non-profits.


1040s – Personal

  Schedule C – Self-Employed Business Owners

  Schedule B and D – Interest and Capital Gain Investors

  Schedule E – Real Estate Investors

  Schedule F – Farms and Ranches


1065 – Partnership Returns (LLCs, Limited Partnerships, and General Partnerships)

1120 – Corporate Returns (LLCs and C Corps)

1120S – S Corps (Electing S Corporations and LLCs)

1041 – Trust Returns

940 and 941 Payroll Tax Returns

990 – Non-Profit Tax Returns


Let us Give you a Free Competitive Quote: We work hard to deliver excellent value in delivering quality tax preparation at an affordable price. Most times, we can meet or beat the price of our competition.



Beyond tax preparation, our tax attorney works with clients to review the efficiency of their current tax and legal structure to give forethought and future planning to their business operations.  We would be glad to review your current tax returns and business structure to evaluate potential saving opportunities. CALL US FOR A FREE CONSULTATION AND COMPARISON.


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“Taxes are a forced extraction and not a voluntary contribution and no one has a duty to pay anything

more than must and everyone should take every deduction allowed by law.” -Judge Learned Hand

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